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How the City of Long Beach Should Save Sunnyside Cemetery

  The remaining members of the Sunnyside Cemetery board of directors have made it public that unless they get some type of help they will have to padlock this historic site and walk away. They aren’t crying “wolf” folks. The board is comprised of relatives of the buried and there are only a few remaining. The cemetery manager retired, which only leaves a part-time maintenance man who valiantly tries to keep up with the weeding and infrequent watering of the 13-acre site of more than 16,000 graves. So what is the problem? Sunnyside is a privately owned historic cemetery that contains some of the earliest graves in the city. It has one of the largest burial areas of Civil War veterans in the area. A former owner looted the money used to maintain the cemetery and the cemetery cannot generate new income. There is an “endowment care fund” that is comprised of the fees given by those who paid to have relatives and friends buried there.But there have not been new bu

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